Climbing Club


Climbing Club 

ONLY£7.50 per child per session

Want to join High Adventure’s CLIMBING CLUB?  

Get in touch NOW, either by email or call 01535 630044 for more information and to check availability. 

Our Climbing Club is aimed at introducing beginners to rock climbing and coaching to become advanced skilled climbers.  All classes concentrate not only on pure climbing technique but on the other key elements of climbing:  communication, use of equipment, belaying, knots and ropework.

Click here to view a video of our young climbers.

All our classes are suitable for all abilities and ages from 6 to 18, with the ultimate aim being to see your child progress into expert climbers.

Current classes and times

Tuesday 5.45 -7.30pm
Wednesday 5.45 -7.30pm
Thursday 5.45 -7.30pm

Please note classes run during TERM TIME (not school holidays).

As with all classes, each participant will start with the basics of being able to climb whilst also learning how to belay safely, put on and use the technical climbing equipment such as a harness, helmet, karabiners and gri gris (belay device).   They will learn how to use a range of climbing knots such as the Figure of 8, stopper knots etc.

Communication is so very important in climbing, so the standard climbing communications such as ‘Ready To Climb, Climb When Ready Climbing will become a mainstay of every lesson.  The finer points and nuances of communication such as eye contact, hand signals will also be taught and utilised.

Each and every class has a progressional route, climbing can and does become a very passionate activity for thousands of people within the UK.   It teaches so much more than just simple climbing technique;  fitness (strength, suppleness, stamina) along with responsibility, confidence, mental rehearsal, planning and a positive approach to problems.

Cost & How to Book

Each lesson costs £7.50 per child and payment in advance for a minimum of one full term is required when booking.  This is because we have strict instructor to student ratios and hence have to ensure that each student is booked into specific classes.  Please note that there is a one off payment of £5.00 for each new member to cover their NICAS registration.

We have 3 sessions running throughout the week.

To Book

Please call 01535 630044 or email  in order to check availability.  Then download and complete a Climbing Club Booking Form & send it to us, we require this in order to accept your child onto a course.


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