World Cup 2018 Fantasy Football Competition

2018 Fantasy Football World Cup Competition

So how does it all work?


You must pick 8 teams and they must be 1 from each group (groups below)

You cant spend more than 100 million pounds

YOU Score points as follows:

6 points for a win

2 points for a draw

Minus 4 points for a loss

10 bonus points for qualifying from the group stage in 1st

5 bonus points for qualifying from the group stage in 2nd

2 points per goal scored

Minus 2 points per goal conceded

1 point added to your starting total for every MILLION you spend less than 100 MILLION

£10 to enter




  • Winner gets 50% of the pot
  • 2nd Place gets 25% of the pot
  • 3rd Place gets 15% of the pot
  • JOKER Winner gets 5% of the pot (for guesing the minute of 1st goal scored in the final)
  • BEST / FUNIEST TEAM NAME Wins 5% – as voted for by the other entrants

You can enter as many teams as you like

In the event of a draw the person who spent the least wins

If still a draw then prize money is split


The groups (price in MILLIONS):

Group APrice Group BPrice Group CPrice Group DPrice
Egypt7M Iran3M Australia4M Argentina25M
Russia17M Morocco3M Denmark11M Croatia15M
Saudi Arabia1M Portugal22M France31M Iceland6M
Uruguay19M Spain30M Peru5M Nigeria5M
Group EPrice Group FPrice Group GPrice Group HPrice
Brazil34M Germany36M Belgium24M Colombia20M
Costa Rica4M South Korea2M England21M Japan6M
Serbia9M Mexico13M Panama1M Poland14M
Switzerland12M Sweden10M Tunisia2M Senegal6M


For more information on the groups, the draw beyond the group stages click here:

League Table:

Team NameManagerPtsGroup AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup GGroup HCostJoker Goal
1Beavers are Better!Tim Ferguson5UruguaySpainDenmarkNigeriaSwitzerlandSwedenTunisiaSenegal9523
2Wacky FCPatricia Campbell18UruguayMoroccoAustraliaCroatiaCosta RicaSwedenEnglandJapan8217
3The Shanghai DumplingsChris Meehan0EgyptPortugalPeruArgentinaSerbiaSouth KoreaBelgiumSenegal10023
4TBCSara Ferguson5EgyptPortugalDenmarkIcelandSwitzerlandSwedenEnglandJapan953
5Multiple ScorgasmsDan Irving0UruguayPortugalDenmarkCroatiaSwitzerlandMexicoTunisiaSenegal10017
6E=MCHammerDan Irving1EgyptIranFranceNigeriaSerbiaGermanyTunisiaSenegal9933
7Coming from behind!Dan Irving65EgyptMoroccoPeruIcelandCosta RicaSouth KoreaTunisiaSenegal3576
8Unborn Foetus 2Skinny Jepson74Saudi ArabiaMoroccoAustraliaNigeriaCosta RicaSouth KoreaPanamaJapan2623
9I may have followed throughSkiddy Jepson47Saudi ArabiaSpainAustraliaNigeriaCosta RicaSouth KoreaPanamaJapan5317
10Fat BirdExpanding Jepson41Saudi ArabiaMoroccoAustraliaNigeriaCosta RicaGermanyPanamaJapan5931
11I have filled my nappyJoel Jepson11Saudi ArabiaSpainAustraliaNigeriaCosta RicaGermanyPanamaJapan899
12Andy Turner is still gayJeppo Jepson44Saudi ArabiaMoroccoAustraliaNigeriaCosta RicaSouth KoreaEnglandJapan5655
13Brazilian WaxingChris Royle0UruguayMoroccoDenmarkNigeriaBrazilSouth KoreaEnglandJapan10027
14Football is crapSimon Moore50EgyptIranAustraliaIcelandSwitzerlandSwedenTunisiaJapan5017
15Real Beavers UnitedMit Grufnose0EgyptSpainFranceNigeriaSerbiaSouth KoreaTunisiaPoland10031
16Livin in a gangsters AllerdyceKieran Marr2EgyptPortugalDenmarkIcelandSwitzerlandSwedenBelgiumJapan9855
17The All BlacksSarah Betterton5UruguayMoroccoAustraliaIcelandSerbiaSwedenBelgiumColombia9518
18TBCDave Milner100
19TBCNik Milner100
20Putin the back of the net!Rachael Wilson0EgyptPortugalPeruIcelandSwitzerlandMexicoEnglandPoland10018
21Mooy Messi ButlandDave Lister1EgyptMoroccoDenmarkIcelandSerbiaGermanyEnglandSenegal9928
22Hammond's HeroesDavid Hammond0EgyptMoroccoFranceIcelandSerbiaGermanyTunisiaJapan10027

Our Previous Winners & Results


1st Place:  John Bruce – a very ugly man with Team Name:  Vamos!

2nd Place:  Danger Jepson – at the time young Danger was very young, an unborn foetus in fact with Team Name:  Tarquin Tigers

3rd Place:  Tim Ferguson – yes YOURS TRULY with Team Name:  Beavers are Better!


1st Place:  Catrin Ferguson – aged 4 and a 1/4 with Team Name: Childs Play

2nd Place:  Sheila Ellerton – an Australian Lady (what do they know about football!?) with Team Name:  Aus United

Place:  Dave Lister – a very very dirty man! With Team Name:  A bucket of Vindaloo

Fantasy World Cup 2014 Final Results

Fantasy World Cup 2010 Final Results










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