Activities List

Activities List

At High Adventure we provide and extensive programme of activities which can be fully customised to suit the needs and objectives of your group – regardless of abilities and skill-levels.

Our most popular activities include:

Archery       A beginner’s course in safe practise and good technique followed by a competition to test new found skills.

Abseiling    Our purpose built abseil platform or local rock face provide the venue for this exciting activity.

Bouldering  A great way to get lots of climbing experience. No ropes are used and climbing is limited to boulders so each person gets significantly more done than in a traditional roped session.

Bushcraft    An introduction in the skills needed to survive outdoors!

Canoeing    We use open canoes, not kayaks, and sheltered inland water. The session can be dry and so is good all year around – But it can also be very wet and great fun on a summers day

Caving         With all appropriate gear and instruction participants will tour a suitable cave system. This is the most misunderstood and most enjoyed activities. It’s not all crawling and small spaces, it’s about exploring a new environment and having fun.

Climbing     A traditional, roped climbing session either outdoors or indoors in our new climbing wall.

High Ropes Our new and exciting vertical course designed to take your group out of their comfort zone and challenge even the bravest of souls. A fantastic team building activity.

Labyrinth  3D underground maze of epic proportions, your group will love exploring the unique labyrinth.

Local Adventure Walk A walk with added spice! Our introductory session  allows us to view the group in a low level activity and assess their nature and dynamics.

Low Ropes  A roped course where the object is staying off the ground. Lots of fun and very active.

Mountain Activities Day Traditional roped climbing session combined with bouldering, stream walk, rope bridge build to provide an active full day out at Ilkley ‘Cow and Calf’ rocks. (on-site version available)

Orienteering Following some coaching, participants take part in a competition based at a British Orienteering Federation permanent course.

Raft Building In teams participants are given the ‘bits’ required to make a raft. Then it’s time to build, then race then usually swim!!

Sumo Suits Plenty of fun in our oversized padded suits, let the battle commence!

Team Building Working together to solve a task, the better the team the better the result.

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