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The trip was brilliant, I couldn’t have been more impressed with how professional and helpful every single one of your staff were. Abbie was brilliant, really enthusiastic and helpful, and led one of our groups exceptionally well on the climbing activities. Steph was equally as brill, and supported one of our weaker students excellently. Both of them were so good and they got some brilliant grades out of our students too.

Also, your accommodation staff were outstanding. Again, so so helpful and they couldn’t do enough for us.

Pass on my thanks to every one of them, they all contributed to making it a fantastic and enjoyable weekend for our students and they looked after us staff too! Thanks once again.’

Mark Clayton PE Teacher Silverdale School, Sheffield, January 2019 

“I just wanted to drop a quick mail through to say a big thank you to Esme and the team for putting on a fantastic two days. The teams absolutely loved it.  Esme was superb.  She gave the team energy, she helped make sure everyone was pushing themselves and made it fun.  I would recommend High Adventure and happily use you guys again.”

Neil from Extreme Energy – June 2013

“Just returned from a excellent two day residential trip as teacher with my primary school.  Brilliant.  I would especially like to thank your staff for stepping in without hesitation and helping us when we suddenly had to deal with unforeseen problems – the children knew nothing and everything went like merry clockwork.  Many thanks indeed.  They were collectively and individually charming, friendly and good company.  Looking forward to a repeat booking.”

Annie Green from Crossflatts Primary School – went to Great Tower Summer Camps June 2013

“Last week our year 3 and 4 classes spent two days and one night with you at High Adventure.  I would like to express my personal thanks to all of  you who made the visit such a successful, stimulating experience for the children.  The teachers have spoken so highly of you.  Nothing was too much trouble and your organisation, coaching and support was second to none.”

Hipperholme Grammar School – May 2013

‘” am just emailing to say a big thanks to the team you have there and especially Dave who looked after our group for the full week. The students had a really good time, and so did the teachers”

Harrogate High  –  April 2013

Latest feedback from Adventure Parties:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to your team and in particular James; my daughter had her 9th birthday party at High Adventure on Sunday last and we had a fantastic afternoon.  My daughter said “it was the best birthday party ever!!!”  High praise indeed.  My eldest daughter now wants her party in October at High Adventure; so we will be back.  James was a fantastic guide, he was patient with the children but also such fun!  He certainly added to the day; please would you pass on our thanks.”

Amanda McInnes – March 2013

We had a member of Lancashire County Council visit High Adventure with Hutton Grammar School in February 2013. Thank you for your feedback:

“The facilities you offer on a compact site are good, and the whole area is well maintained and is clean and litter free.  All the staff I met were welcoming and informative. James the course director for the Hutton group, he gave me a tour of the grounds, and demonstrated an excellent professional manner with both myself and the group.  He displayed a confident and competent demeanour with both staff and students.  On arrival I was introduced to the centre manager, he again took time out to explain the aims, recent developments and your current customer base.  It is surprising that you have so much repeat business.  The Hutton staff I accompanied, were extremely pleased with the curriculum support you offer their GCSE students year on year.

Lancashire County Council – February 2013

Thank you Greenwood Academy for forwarding this to us. 

“Heya Miss sorry its late but felt like I need to say this, thank you so much for taking me on the High Adventure trip it was such an amazing experience it brought everyone closer like a big family.  I learnt so much about rock climbing yes I had my silly times and my  moods but I also want to say thank you for believing in me because you kept pushing me telling me I could do it when I was winging saying I couldn’t.  Ok at times I wanted to give up but with your help I didn’t and I carried on to succeed.  I’ve had my funny moments the ‘KARRABONNER ,SPEARING H.A.S’  The times when we all tried doing ‘smearing’ yet most of us fell over in the mud oh god!  Ha ha it was such a fun filled experience and without you and Mr Williams I would never of experienced that, I’d also like you to pass on loads of thank you’s to everyone at High Adventure especially Luca I gave him a hard time but he also helped me a lot, so yeah thanks Miss.”

Thank you, a student from  Greenwood Academy – January 2013

“Whilst I was at High Adventure I had the best week of my life.” Click here to read more.

Thank you, Emily from Methley Primary School – November 2012

“I loved the High Ropes due to the fact I got over my fear of heights and I liked the view when I was lowered down like an angel.” Click here to read more.

Thank you, Rebecca from Methley Primary School – November 2012

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“On the 9th to the 16th November 2012, I went on a residential to High Adventure and really enjoyed it.  I really liked Lucy and Kirsty they were the best instructors ever, they helped me and supported me lots. Thanks Kirsty and Lucy but it was very sad to see them go. They supported me at caving, during mountain activities, abseiling, labyrinth, high ropes, bouldering and low ropes. Thank you for the best time ever.”

By Ben Thompson Methley Primary School, Methley, Leeds.

    “Thanks for a fantastic weekend, your team there certainly displayed your centre at its best (the sunshine helped too!)”

Olly White  – Teacher Only Weekend September 2012

“First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to you and your team for a fantastic weekend just gone.  We did the Hill Walking and the Team fun and it was brilliant. We all had such a good time and your team are awesome at their jobs. Thank you.”

Alice Dooley – Teacher Only Weekend September 2012

“The centre just gets better and better. The facilities have improved and as usual the staff have been fabulous.  Special thank you to Kirsty our group leader who was enthusiastic and had a great relationship with the children.  Thank you to all who worked with St Urbans.” 

St Urbans School June 2012

“Really friendly, imaginative games that keep kids excited and engaged.  Really good at getting kids to listen.  FUN!!!”

Riverside May 2012

“Activities were well led – had an enthusiastic response from all our students.” 

Wilmslow High School May 2012

“Everything has been so professionally organised throughout, I could relax as I knew my children were in very safe hands.  Food was superb and the children have had an experience which will last a lifetime.”

Miss Nicola Bennett, Crossflatts Primary School, May 2011

“To all the staff who worked with us on this particular week,  I’d like to write and thank you for the week we had at the beginning of August.  It was an incredible start to the Summer of a Lifetime, largely thanks to the efficiency and patience of your team.  I worked with group A who were led by Jonny.  An excellent instructor, leader and inspirational personality overall!  He got us through our first camping experience with the terrific camping leader Callum.  Given we were a small group, it was encouraging to see Jonny & Callum enjoying their time with us and helping us out when they could.  They were evidently camping experts and supportive of those with no camping experience. I think Jonny would agree that the trek back to the centre was epic – given the mad rain – but fortunately none of the group moaned too much.  I also liked how a lot of the activities encouraged the group to think and work together which was very challenging given we knew nothing of one another before we all met on the first Monday.  The centre itself was brilliant and the dryer rooms were a godsend.  Food provision was beyond what I expected.  I understand the whole group contained some very different characters, some proving more challenging than others.  However, I’d like to think that they all learnt something from their time shared in Yorkshire.  Many thanks to all those who were involved and hope you had an enjoyable summer.”

Thank you, Heather Evans ( Crewe/ Cheshire team) –Summer of a Lifetime

“We just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time our son had last week with Alec and Kirsty on his Multi Activity Holiday at Haytor, Dartmoor (HF Holidays).  They were so professional, had just the right amount of authority but also made the weeks activities such fun and challenging.  Our son said that he “had the best time” which coming from a very nearly 13 year old is very high praise.  Kirsty even got him to dance with her at the final gathering on Friday evening which was fantastic (who needs a grumpy child sitting in a corner?) and one of her hats is now his prize possession!  We had every confidence in leaving him in their care each day and on the last day, when they were scheduled to go gorge walking but the rivers were too swollen, it showed how professional they were when they made the decision to cancel such a fun activity and return to the house for a day of fun and games.  We would very much like you to pass our thanks into them both and look forward to another Multi Activity Holiday next year.”

Thank you , Hilary and Nick Hunt

“We liked the improvements to the menu ….. we loved the PUDDINGS!!”

From Boothferry

“Thank you for helping me do the abseiling.  It made me no longer scared of heights.  I was a bit frightened at the beginning but when I got to the bottom it was a really good feeling”

Arthur, Thurstonland Endowed (VC) First School

Read the letter Arthur sent to us about his High Adventure programme

“I did somethings that I never thought I would do, it was an absolute ball…. The funniest part was when Mrs Croft “supposedly” fell in the water when we went canoeing”

Grace K, Thurstonland Endowed (VC) First School

Read the letter Grace sent to us about her High Adventure experience.

“The activities were incredible and fun, my favourite activity was climbing and high ropes.”

Jaz, Thurstonland Endowed (VC) First SchoolPage 1 – Page 2

“We had a wonderful day and Aled and his team were splendid guides and we are immensely grateful for their advice, guidance and encouragement. All our objectives for the day were met and we will certainly be doing this kind of exercise again.”

Manchester United Football Club

” Thanks for letting us stay at the Great Towers Scout Camp, the thing I loved most is the fact that all the instructors were happy, funny and not boring!  The activities that I enjoyed were the high ropes, rock climbing and gorge walking.  The bonfire was really exciting and all of us loved the songs.  I have also got a lot out of my experience and I haven’t used my hair straighteners since I got back.”

Yours Sincerely, Caitlin

“I am writing to say thank you for a truly wonderful time at Great Towers Scout Camp over the course of the two nights we stayed.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities and the overall excitement of the experience – the camping, the food, the adventurous atmosphere.  All of the activities I participated in were: gorge-walking, archery and bushcraft, high ropes and orienteering. My favourite of them all had to be gorge-walking, but I learnt so much on the archery/bushcraft excercise about survival skills and using resources around you using them sustainably.  Windemere gave me the experience of a lifetime and I am extremely proud of my achievements. Once again, thank you.”

Yours Sincerely, Sophia

“Thanks for the great time at Great Towers Scout Camp! I really enjoyed canoeing, especially at the end when we all got soaked.  The best bit of the camp was when me and my friends were messing around, it was really awesome just to hang out!”

From Ava

“Thank you very much for having us I learnt a lot whilst I stayed with you such as to trust my team or else I get problems and teamwork goes a longer way than going it alone.  I enjoyed the climbing most cause it was a challenge and I achieved my goal. To get to the top!  Canoeing was also fun cause we got wet but also learned to communicate with my partner.”

Thank you, Jai

“Thanks for helping me and my year have a fantastic few days with Great Towers Scout Camp.  I enjoyed everything especially rock climbing with Hayley and the campfires!  I’m sure groups/schools that come will enjoy it as much as we did.”

Thank you, Alice

“Thank you for the Lake District trip!  It was one of the best trips I have had with the school.  It was a once in a lifetime experience and the activities were amazing.  My favourite activity was climbing because when you got to the top you could see everyone and it gave you a great feeling of satisfaction when you got to the top.  Thank you so much for the trip, hope to come back again!”

Thank you, Alexandra

“Thank you for letting us come and have an amazing time on your activities.  The year 7’s that came are very glad and grateful because we had so much fun.  It has been a great experience.  The courses were great and we all got to work in a group.  I liked archery because I was the first to get gold.  I really enjoyed low ropes and canoeing was so fun because we jumped off the pier into the water.  We got soaked, I had so much fun.  When we had done the high ropes, I got up to the tyres and my leg wouldn’t reach so I came down.”

Thank you very much, Becky

“I would like to thank you and the rest of the High Adventure team for the brilliant time I had at Lake Windermere.  I really enjoyed all the activities but my favourite has to be the gorge walking because it was something I have never done.  I also enjoyed sleeping in a tent which I have also never done.  I thought it was good that we had camp beds as I thought we were going to be sleeping on the floor (phew!).  I also really enjoyed sitting around the campfire and the banana song is still being sung now!  The instructors were really great helping us out.  Ric helped me out the most.  Monty made the trip funny and welcomed us the most when we got there.  It was the instructors that made the trip the funniest and the best.  I think that the only thing that could of been better was the fact that the toilets could of been nearer to camp.”

Best Wishes, Lucy

“I would like to thank you and your staff for the fun time I had at High Adventure, it was great!  I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the activities they were amazing especially the gorge walk, it was so exciting getting soaked with friends and doing belly hops. By far the best was watchiing Miss jumping in. Climbing was fun (even though I was scared of height) I still did it. The camp fire was brilliant with us all singing the banana song, it will always be with me. I wish I could of spent longer, thanks again it was the greatest.”

Best Wishes, Nicole

“To all of the High Adventure staff, I just wanted to thank you for instructing and inviting us to High Adventure.  I had a fantastic time and it has been one of the best camping trips I had ever been on in my entire life.  I liked the canoeing best and the rock climbing.  If the weather was better the camping trip would have been even more brilliant.  See you next time I come.”

Yours faithfuly, Callum

“I would like to thank you for the really good time I had at High Adventure.  Also I would like to thank all of the other staff that helped us.  I really enjoyed the activities.  I especially enjoyed the gorge walk, it was really good. When he let us belly flop into the water but instead of going on our bellies we went on our backs (Amy’s idea), It was very fun.  Another highlight of that day was watching Mrs Echevarea jump in.  That was great.  I also enjoyed tree climbing because I got the highest out of my group and we had a really difficult blue one.  But when we got to the rocks getting up was easy but I got a bit stuck on the way down. WHOOPS! Also, I really enjoyed spending the time by the camp fires with all of the instructors singing and playing games with us.  The banana song will always be with my. And Monty has the best Russian accent ever.  The most difficult thing I had to do on the trip was definitely the tree climbing. Even though I got the highest it was really hard.  I really wish I had a longer time with you.  Thanks again for having me.  I had a really good time. “

Thank you, Sarah

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