Charity Climb Mt Everest in a day for Parkinson’s Disease Society

High Adventure Outdoor Education Centre instructors climb the height of Mt Everest (8 848 metres) in a day

in aid of Parkinson’s 

£2700 RAISED so far and rising!!!

How the event went:

What a superb weekend: the Casino Night was a stunning success, we had over 120 people there on the night, thanks very much to everyone who took part, either in entering the casino competition, working as dealers, running the roulette wheel, operating the bar, volunteering to provide and set up the sound system, decks, amps etc.  High Adventure (& Parkinsons) can’t thank everyone enough for making the CASINO NIGHT a stunning success.

Congratulations to Laura Jepson and Matt Ferguson for winning the Casino Night and then in giving their winnings back to Parkinsons!

The Climb Mt Everest in a day was also an incredible achievement, over 100 people came on the day to either climb, belay, take photos, support others and generally enjoy a fabulous atmosphere.  We managed to climb Mt Everest by 11:30am (yes all 8 848 metres), we then went on to climb K2 as well (the worlds 2nd highest mountain).

Some incredible individual efforts were made as follows:
Henry Exon, Jim Scott, Matt Stapley & David Maw all climbed the height of Ben Nevis, whilst
Neil Jackson and Kirsty Swan both comlpeted a climb with someone else on their back.
The youngest climber: Catrin Ferguson, aged 5 years and 5 days climbed to the halfway mark on the SLAB wall, whilst
The oldest climber:  Michael Jepson (who wouldnt give his actual age!) did 18 ascents, equating the height of one of the Great Pyramids.
The MAIN thing is that everyone really did well, climbed hard, had fun and did so much to help raise money for Parkinson’s.

Sunday 1st May.

12pm: Activities will be available, lead by our instructors, all activities will cost £10.  Your choices are:
High Ropes
Mountain Biking

 7pm: Casino Night, £10 to enter.
The bar will be open all night and the card & roulette tables will be open for 2 hours – at the end of the night whoever has the most ‘chips’ wins the cash prize of £100, 2nd place gets £50 and 3rd gets £20.

Anyone not living locally who wants to stay over are more than welcome to, its £10 for bed & breakfast (served at 8am).

Monday 2nd May.

9am:  Climb the height of Mt Everest commences.  All climbers coming to help achieve this are welcome to come along at anytime during the day to ‘do your bit’ for the target of 8 848 metres.

 What are we trying to do?  In a nutshell, we intend to climb the height of Mt Everest in a single day on our indoor climbing wall AND try and raise £5 000 for the Parkinson’s Disease Society.

What do we want?  We NEED you!  Quite simply we need as many people as possible to come and help us climb 8 848 metres and also to help with the fund raising too.  Our ‘Just Giving’ webpage is:

So all ‘climbers’ can direct their friends & family to the page to donate, rather than having to go round collecting cash.

Preceeding the ‘climbing event’, High Adventure will be hosting a CASINO NIGHT on Sunday 1st May – all profits to go to Parkinson’s too.  So watch this space for more details.

Here’s who’s coming & what they are doing:

No. Name Sunday Activities Casino Night Staying at HA Climbing
1 Tim Ferguson   Yes No Yes
2 Chris Jepson   Yes No Yes
3 Helen Peace        
4 Jon Robinson        
5 Ian Sutcliffe        
6 Jon Beyer        
7 Sara Carson   y   y
8 Catrin Ferguson       y
8 Raymond Scott     y ?
9 Margaret Scott     y ?
10 Jim Scott       y
11 Mitch Bowen       y
12 Phil Jophnson   y   y
13 Matt Stapley   y   y
14 Alli Hawksworth   y    
15 Eth Hawksworth   y    
16 Antz Beech   y    
17 Laura Jepson        
18 Michael Jepson        
19 Marjorie Jepson        
20 Biking Al        
21 Jane        
22 Drew        
23 Gary Burdett        
24 Karl wood        
25 Sue Wood        
26 Karl guest 1        
27 Karl guest 2        
28 Karl guest 3        
29 Karl guest 4        
30 Kiddie 1        
31 Kiddie 2        
32 Kiddie 3        
33 Kathy Jepson        
34 Karl Lovell        
35 Antonio De Luca   n n y
36 Steve Clarkson        
37 Lisa Clarkson        
38 Kiddie 1        
39 Kiddie 2        
40 Phillipa Smith        
41 Matthew Smith        
42 Patricia Campbell   y    
43 Zak Campbell       y
44 Shirley Masterson   y y y
45 Ben Masterson   y y y
46 Alex Masterson   y y y
47 Finlay Masterson   y y y
48 Laura Noades   y   y
49 Margaret Ferguson   y    
50 Keith Ferguson   y    
51 Simon Ferguson   y   y
52 Mel Jones   y    
53 Gwyneth Jones   y    
54 Annie Morris   y   y
55 Neil Paterson   y   y
56 Julie Weatherhead   y    
57 Dan Irving   y n y
58 David Campbell   y n n
59 Sharon Campbell   y n n
60 Pete Oldam Canyoning y n y
61 Dave Abbott   y n n
62 Martina Thompson   y n n
63 Henry Exon   y n y
64 Gill Watson   y n n
65 Dyl Sharman   y ?  
66 Anthoney Donald   ?    
67 Anthoney Guest   ?    
68 Caroline Smith   y    
69 Dan Smith   y    
70 Tom Parish   y   y
71 Haf Watkin   y   n
72 Phil Watkin   y   y
73 Ffion Watkin High Ropes n   y
74 Sion Watkin   n   n
75 Jim Scott 1        
76 Jim Scott 2        
77 Jim Scott 3        
78 Jim Scott 4        
79 Jim Scott 5        

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