Jobs & Training

Jobs & Training

High Adventure has a range of jobs available each year. Some jobs come up as people leave, others are available yearly, such as:

Training Scheme = 1st, 2nd & 3rd year.

Summer Camp jobs

For current jobs: Jobs at High Adventure.


High Adventure Outdoor Education Centre Ltd takes the training & professional development of all our Instructors very seriously. We work very hard and put a great deal of time, money and most importantly energy into the progress & professional development of all the Instructors on our programme.

The successful candidates who join our instructor team, must understand that we ask for the same commitment from them that we will give. Working as an instructor is a highly challenging BUT equally rewarding career. For our scheme you MUST be 21 years old and have a full driving licence as well as a drive and determination to succeed in a challenging but very rewarding industry.  We are not interested in any applications from people with the idea of this being a ‘gap year’ type option.  We will look to select candidates that can demonstrate a motivation to want to be in the outdoor industry and become a good and articulate outdoor instructor.

We look forward to welcoming you to the ‘Outdoor Industry’ & expect a great deal of energy, enthusiasm & hard work from you during your time with us.  For those candidates that show a genuine passion for this vocation there will be the opportunity to continue your career with us on our moving on to the 2nd & 3rd year scheme, then onto become a full time instructor.

In the second & third year we will help to extend your professional development & competencies in climbing, caving, canoeing, hill walking, kayaking along with PCV Minibus Driving.

We take on 7 First Years from a selection process which involves them firstly working for or volunteering at one of our Summer Camps. We then invite a number of Summer Staff to spend a couple of days at High Adventure’s main site, a kind of interview where they get to see what its all about. they get to interview us and make sure this is something they can commit to, for a year or more.

If you would like to be considered for the 2019 Instructor Training programme, please contact

If working or volunteering at the summer camps is not for you, please try your luck by emailing, however each year we consider applicants who have spent time at the summer camps before other applicants.

What have the first year instructors been doing?

Local Cave Leader Level 1 Training & Assessment
Single Pitch Award Training & Assessment
Mt Bike Instructor Award Scheme Level 1 training & Assessment as well as Level 2 Training
Paddling tickets – FSRT, 1 & 2 star paddlesports, 3 star canoe, Level 1 paddlesport coach training & Assessment
First Aid in the Outdoors.
D1/PCV minibus physical and theory tests.
As well as in house training.

What are the second year instructors doing?

Local Cave Leader Level 2 Training & Assessment
Mountain Leader Training & Assessment
Mt Bike Instructor Scheme Level 2 Assessment
Paddling tickets – 3 star kayak, Level 2 paddlesports coach training & Assessment
PCV Minibus Practical Test.

“Its going to be a fun filled year in 2019, so if it sounds like something you’d like to get involved in please contact as soon as possible, to find out more about getting a foot in the door at the summer camps. We get over 500 applicants each year for the training instructor programme, if you spend time at the summer camps it gives us a chance to get to know you which increases your chance of being invited to an interview week.”

Mick Ellerton,
Centre Manager
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