Fast Track Instructor Scheme

Fast Track Instructor Scheme

Start / Finish Date: tbc Training and Assessments in the NGB’s

NGB Awards: 1st Aid – 2 day

SPA TNG – We will ensure that you meet the pre-requisites to attend this course, which include lead climbing, group set up & systems the wider climbing issues OR the Indoor Climbing Wall Qualification – A NEW qualification from the MLTE, you will gain this whilst on your way to doing your SPA Training, this qualification enables you to instruct on all indoor climbing walls – if you felt you were unable to to the SPA Training Course.

L1 Cave TNG – We will ensure that you are suitably trained prior to your course, you are au-fait with the local caves, meet all the pre-requistes for the training in relation to leading groups, personal safety, the wider cave issues such as geology, weather etc.

ML TNG – You will gain experience in Hill Walking, leading groups, navigating and get the opportunity to start your log book / add to your log book (for those who already have it), meet the pre-requisites of the ML Training course and are therefore in a position to get the most out of your training course.

MTB L1 ASS and L2 TNG – You will become Level 1 Trail Leader qualified and Technical Leader (Level 2) trained. We will ensure that you are trained and meet the pre-requisites of the courses, including leadership, navigation, bike maintenance, trailside repairs etc.

FSRT – A pre-requisite of the Level 1 Canoe Coach Award, you will gain this early in the course.

1 & 2 star CN – A pre-requisite of the Level 1 Canoe Coach Award, you will gain this early in the course.

L1 CN Coach TNG & ASS – You will gain the pre-requisites for these courses including group work, personal skills and the wider issues surrounding the art of Canoe Caoching.

1 & 2 star KY – A pre-requisite of the Level 1 Canoe Coach Award, you will gain this early in the course.

BOF L1 – You will get training and experience / the pre-requisites for this course, qualifying you as a Level 1 British Orienteering Federation Instructor.

Log book & registration fees to the NGB’s – These include the British Caving Association (BCA); British Canoe Union (BCU), Mountain Leader Training England (MLTE)

Accommodation: In a house local to High Adventure Outdoor Education Centre

Clothing: £350 worth of ‘Mountain Equipment’ Technical Outdoor Clothing

  • 2 night 3 day Mountain Expedition – Lake District
  • 2 night 3 day Canoe / Bushcraft / Survival Skills Expedition

Have a look at what the other course providers actually provide, we actively encourage you to look elsewhere in order to see what you would get on other courses compared with ours. The National Governing Body awards are what you actually need to get into this industry. No amount of experience will suffice unless this is backed up with the NGB qualifications in the relevant outdoor activities.

FANTASTIC Teacher : Student Ratio’s: Other schemes have 10+ on their courses, but we know that you get more out of a course when you have better (ie lower) student to teacher ratio’s.  Our Fast Track Instructor Scheme has a maximum of 3 per course!

Cost = £7950 inc VAT

Our Fast Track Instructors Scheme is aimed at getting you moving very quickly up the ‘qualified instructors’ ladder. In addition to the outlined National Governing Body’ qualifications is a great deal of emphasis on the wider ‘outdoor activities’ that don’t have a NGB Award. These activities are ones such as High Ropes Courses, Low Ropes Courses, Team Building & Problem Solving, Wide Games, Navigation Exercises, Local Adventure Walks, Gorge Walking. We include these activities and ensure that you gain experience in these activities including ‘In-house’ training and assessments in these activities but please don’t be blinded by any ‘Outdoor Companies’ selling these “Training’s & Assessment’s” as they are valuable in terms of your professional development and experience but as a ‘piece of paper’ they have no value.

Whilst at High Adventure we will cover these wider outdoor education issues and explain how and why things are done including:

  • Teaching styles & strategies – High Adventure OEC is run by ex teachers, our ethos is totally based upon use of the appropriate teaching style, we are absolutely nothing like the ‘classic / old fashioned outdoor education centres’. We have high expectations regarding delivery of our activities, these are the same expectations of delivery that all school teachers adhere to.
  • Wider Outdoor Education Issues – we will build up your working knowledge of risk assessments, litigation, decision making, practical working numbers, group ratios, briefing & de-briefing, knowledge of kit & equipment in the outdoors, NOP’s and Emergency Action Plans

Should you have any queries then please do not hesitate to call 01535 630044 to discuss in person this scheme, likewise you would be encouraged to visit the centre / our team in order to discuss further how you can get the most out of the scheme.

Click here to get information on a possible Career Development Loan.  Your local learning skills council or enterprise agency may have help / information on grants for you too!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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