Kenya Fundraiser

Kenya Fundraiser 2013

Kenya Adventure starts at High Adventure in Yorkshire

Two friends are taking on a big day of challenges to raise funds for a trip of a lifetime to Kenya.

Teenagers Millie Griffiths and Emma Swearman , both 15 and pupils at Benton Park School Rawdon, will be spending four weeks next summer digging waterholes for elephants, helping build classrooms and climbing volcanic Mount Kenya, the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro.  Initially they they have to raise funds to go towards the sustainable projects they will be helping – all their airfares, food and accommodation will be paid separately by jobs on top of their GCSE studies.

The young adventurers, who will be leaving on the Camps International expedition in July 2013, have already got the support of outdoor pursuits expert Mick Ellerton who is manager at Cowling’s High Adventure Outdoor Education Centre near Keighley.  Millie & Emma visited High Adventure as little adventurers on their primary school camp with Calverley Parkside Primary School.

Mick is giving up his time free to lead them on a mega challenge day on Saturday, August 31 to get sponsorship.

They will be climbing up and scrambling down Ingleborough – the second highest mountain in the Yorkshire Dales, at 723 metres and one of Yorkshire’s Three Peaks, to cover about eight miles before putting on caving gear at Selside and entering Long Church through to Alum Pot.  They will be squeezing their way through the narrow Cheese Press and other awkward and weirdly-named gaps before abseiling down the Dolly Tubs and the Greasy Slabs.  The girls will reach a natural rock bridge half way down Alum Pot before finally climbing back up to the top again using arm-power and a steel-rope ladder just inches wide.

Mick Ellerton, said: “When I heard about the wonderful community work Millie and Emma are going to be doing in Kenya I really wanted to help them make it happen. Going out to a different country and getting a feel for new experiences at their age is a fantastic opportunity that will shape their future.”

“It’s not going to be easy for them on the challenge day I’ve got planned for them, it’ll definitely be character-building. They’ll have to hold their nerve at some points that’s for sure.”

Millie, who lives in Calverley and has already raised £800 for the Alzheimer’s Society by cycling through seven Hebridean islands in as many days, said: “We’re really excited about Kenya and Mick’s challenges – we can’t wait to get started on them both.”

Anyone who would like to sponsor Millie and Emma can contact Mr Ellerton by emailing
















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