Lands End to John O’Groats ERGO Challenge for Manorlands Hospice

Lands End to John O’Groats ERGO Challenge for Manorlands Hospice

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The Challenge:  To ride 1400km (the distance of Lands End to John O Groats) in 11 hours on 4 ERGO bikes at Fitness First, Keighley on Saturday 8th May 2010.

Why?  To raise as much money as possible for Manorlands Hospice.  Our initial target is £1400 (£1 per kilometre), but the more the better, so please don’t hold back, ask everyone you know to sponsor you for as much as possible.

Who is doing it:  Tim, David, Matt, Sara and as many others as we can rope in to help us to:

a)    ride the distance (it’s a very long way)

b)    raise as much money as possible to help us meet our target

Why Manorlands Hospice?  From mine and David’s point of view its very personal as I am sure many of you are aware, but places like Manorlands Hospice rely very heavily on charity in order to provide the palliative care that is so desperately needed for so many people within our community.

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Our Team So Far! 


Our team’s personal distances were:

Al 20.1km Henry 21.52km Mick 11.6km
Beyer 10km Iain 11.57km Mounty 31.7km
Busey 35.68km Jon 69.82km Patricia 14.44km
Chris 34.5km Keith 18.23km Paul 45.7km
Craig 20km Laura 7.64km Pete 31.7km
Damian 9.2km Lawrence 22.7km Potty 35.62km
Dan 60.73km Lindsey 11.2km Roach 5km
Dave A 19.2km Lynn 6.37km Sara 104.5km
Dave S 56km Martin 59.28km Simon 43.2km
David M 98.23km Martina 8.2km Stathers 33.89km
Dean 5.6km Matt L 24.9km Steven 7km
Drew 23.91km Matt S 134.07km Tim 150.06km
Eve 39.64km Matt W 50.5km Toni 14.22km

Thanks very much for all your hard work, as a team we managed to ride 1407.42km in 10 hours and 5 minutes and have currently raised £1050, we are still hoping to hit our target of £1400, so please keep giving if you can or badger others that you know to reward you for the hard work you put in.

Our team on the day:[nggallery id=29]

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