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Welcome to the ‘Summer Camp’ feedback page:

This is the area where you can look at the feedback we received for our Summer Camp season, we take feedback very seriously and address any issues raised immediately. The feedback is very useful and is used to shape our approach to the following year. The following are direct quotes from the feedback sheets:

We would like to thank Crossflats Primary School for all their lovely letters – Please click below to read the feedback from some of the students:

Crossflats Primary School – went to Great Tower Summer Camp June 2013

Just returned from excellent two day residential trip as teacher with my primary school.  Brilliant.  I would especially like to thank your staff for stepping in without hesitation and helping us when we suddenly had to deal with unforeseen problems – the children knew nothing and everything went like merry clockwork.  Many thanks indeed.  They were collectively and individually charming, friendly and good company. Looking forward to a repeat booking.’ 

Annie Green (Teacher) from Crossflatts Primary School – went to Great Tower Summer Camp June 2013

The lead teacher of Chenderit School, Mr. Flint, was so impressed he has written a testimonial to recommend us to other schools – Click here to view

Crossflatts Primary 27th May 2011 (Great Tower)

“It has been so professionally organised throughout, I could relax as my children were in very safe hands!”

“Food was superb, just the ticket after all the activities”

“Staff manner and enthusiasm was outstanding”

“The children have had an experience which will last a lifetime, you should be proud of the organisation you have built, we will be back!”

Christleton High 9th June 2011 (Great Tower)

“People and personal skills of most staff and management was amazing”

“We have overall been amazed by the welcome that we were given and the hospitality that you provided. All staff would recommend High Adventure to another School”

John Clare Primary 17th June 2011 (Kibblestone)

“Chrissy was very good at engaging our children with SEN, Lucy, Anta and Ben were super with the children”

“Knowledge and training of the instructors was very good, Laura and Chris have been amazing and hospitable”

Wellfield Community School 20th June 2011 (Great Tower)

“Instruction and activities were all excellent”

“Food excellent and 100% suitable for purpose”

“Facilities all excellent and clean, helpful staff, you could do nothing better”

Chenderit School 24th June 2011 (Kibblestone)

The lead teacher Mr. Flint was so impressed he has written a testimonial to recommend us to other schools: Click here to view

“As per usual an action packed week, briefing for the activities was perfect”

“Every year the menu has improved, this year was no different”

What did we do well?- “Essentially everything but particularly making it easy to cope with food allergies and eating disorders”

Ryburn Valley School 27th June 2011 (Kibblestone)

“We were particularly impressed with Jules, Kirsty, Esme, Ben, Luca, Nikki, Jess, Chrissy, James and Kris”

“Well organised, instructors added value to activities”

Orton Longueville 4th july 2011 (Great Tower)

“Josh delivered the best sat nav walk I have ever been on, Jess was outstanding at dealing with our children – enthusiastic/supportive/helpful and Hayley was fantastic again at leading the week for us”

“Staff facilities excellent”

“Fantastic week, Thank you!”

Waverley School 4th July 2011 (Kibblestone)

What did we do well? – “Dealt with situations, looked for positives, invested in relationships”

“All staff have been very accommodating and friendly. They go out of their way to help you”

“Well structured program delivered to the students with great enthusiasm and commitment. Staff bonded well with staff and students inspiring and motivating them to try all activities”

Swavesey Village College 8th July 2011 (Great Tower)

“Always had staff available, all activities well planned, all equipment set out well, very positive and helpful staff who gave one to one support to less able pupils when needed”

The Kings School 15th July 2011 (Great Tower)

“Food was great throughout the week”

“The whole package is superb value for money, we are impressed with the value”

“A fantastic week, students have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and are certainly tired, Thanks, The King’s School”

The Kings School 15th July 2011 (Kibblestone)

“Hard working instructors who related well with our children, many students moved on leaps and bounds”

“David and Chris constantly checked everything was OK, bought extra items for us and accommodated any requests”

Hartshill School 14th July 2011 (Great Tower)

“Really amazing that a cake was baked for a students birthday”

“Hayley has been an exceptional help through some minor traumas, could not have done it without her”

“Always contactable, always prepared and always smiling”

Thomas Mills 14th July 2011 (Kibblestone)

“Staff were very attentive, friendly and approachable, firm expectations and boundaries were set”

What did we do well ? – “Everything! Food-Laura is a star, tents were excellent, you made our job very easy”

“I would certainly rebook if  and I would recommend you to other schools”

Make a difference (Gateshead and Milton Keynes) 15th July 2011 (Kibblestone)

“Excellent friendly staff, very professional staff, we had an excellent time”

What did we do well? – “Activities and staff! Very welcoming and encouraging to all our young people”

Make a difference (Gateshead and Milton Keynes) 21st July 2011 (Kibblestone)

“Fantastic staff!! Jules and Sam did a fantastic job with the group, really got them enthused (which wasn’t easy). Great support from Matt, Nathan, Steff, Judith, David and Tom”

“Laura and Phil in the kitchen are lovely, they went the extra mile to make sure our young people were catered for”

“You managed to make a group of non-outdoorsy people feel like proper campers – WELL DONE + THANK YOU!!”

What did we do well? – “Having a totally flexible approach to deal with all the various complex needs and diverse personalities”

“We would like to re-book and we would highly recommend you to other organisations”

Fernhill School 21st July 2011 (Kibblestone)

“The instructors, particularly Tom, Jess, Chrissy and Jules were fantastic with our students. We sometimes have issues with outside staff but they were amazing with the way they spoke to and dealt with ALL kids.”

“There needs to be an extra column beyond very good for the quality of food, it is exceptional. Always enough, always healthy and better than any other trip we have ever been on, AMAZING!!”

“Varied activities that were always well led. Dinner hall was great. Shower facilities are great. Tents are top quality.”

“Laura, Chris and David have tended to every need we had, constantly checking things are ok. We have not seen customer service like it before, from the first minute we arrived.”

What did we do well? – “Honestly, everything! We cannot fault anything!”

What can we do better? – “Again, not meaning to sound cliche, but nothing. Our best trip ever!! BRILLIANT!”

Feedback sheets for Great Tower and Kibblestone

These are the actual sheets the visiting staff filled in, some of them must be training to be doctors as the handwriting can be difficult to read! The scanned copies don’t pick up pencil too well but from the numbered rating system you will clearly see their opinion of us. All negative feedback is taken very seriously and discussed with the group to help us make changes to improve their experience. Some things are very subjective though, for example we can get a ‘1’ (very good) for food from one group and ‘3’ (ok) from a group in at exactly the same time. What is important to note is that on your trip there is always a senior member of High Adventure Staff with you 24/7 to deal with any issues you may have immediately.

Actual feedback sheets from Great Tower

23rd to 27th May  –  The Mount School  –  York  –  39

25th to 27th May  –  Crossflats Primary  –  Bradford  –  72

6th to 10th June  –  Christleton High  –  Cheshire  –  176

13th to 17th June  –  Sedburgh Prep. –  Cumbria  –  26

15th to 17th June  –  St Johns Primary  –  Blackpool  –  21

4th to 8th July  –  Swavesey Village College  –  Cambridge  –  125

4th to 8th July  –  Orton Longueville  –  Peterborough  –  32

11th to 15th July  –  Kings School  –  Peterborough  79 (also sent a group to Kibblestone the same week)

11th to 15th July  –  Hartshill  –  Nuneaton  –  46

18th to 22nd July  –  Bingley Grammar  –  Yorkshire  –  150

Actual feedback sheets from Kibblestone

13th to 17th June – John Clare Primary –  Peterborough – 22

20th to 24th June -Chenderit School – Northamptonshire – 155

27th June to 1st July – Ryburn Valley High – Halifax – 176

27th June to 1st July – Howden School – East Yorkshire – 59

4th to 6th July – Waverley School (Boys) – Birmingam – 44

6th to 8th July – Waverley School (Girls) – Birmingham – 32

11th 15th July – Kings School – Peterborough – 66 (also sent a group to Great Tower the same week)

11th 15th July – Thomas Mills – Suffolk – 78

11th 15th July – Make a difference – Milton Keynes and Gateshead-18

17th 21st July – Make a difference  – Milton Keynes -11

17th 21st July – Make a difference  – Gateshead -11

17th 21st July – Fernhill – Farnborough – 38

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