EURO 2016 StromAdventure Fantasy Football Competition


  • You MUST pick 6 teams – one from each group
  • You CAN ONLY SPEND 100 million pounds (prices in brackets)

You score points as follows:

  • 5 points for a WIN
  • 2 points for a DRAW
  • -3 points for a LOSS
  • 10 bonus points for your team qualifying from their group in 1st Place
  • 5 bonus points for your teams qualifying from their group in 2nd Place
  • 2 points for every goal scored BUT -2points for every goal conceded
  • 3 points are ADDED to your starting total for every MILLION pounds you spend LESS than 100 million

What you win:

  • £5 to ENTER per team (you can enter as many teams as you wish)
  • The WINNER gets 65% of the pot
  • The RUNNER-UP gets 20% of the pot
  • Third place gets 10% of the pot
  • JOKER WINNER gets 5% of the pot – this is whoever guesses the minute of the 1st goal scored in the final.

In the event of a draw the person who spent the least amount wins.  If still a draw then the prize money is split.

How to enter:

  1. EMAIL your entry to Tim (
  2. You will get an ENTRY CONFIRMATION email and instructions on how to pay.
  3. DEADLINE:  9th June 2016

In your ENTRY EMAIL you need to tell us your:

  1. Team Name
  2. Your Managers name (i.e. YOU!!!)
  3. Your 6 teams (remember its 1 from each group)
  4. Your JOKER GUESS – the minute of the 1st goal scored in the final
  5. The TOTAL COST of your team in MILLIONS

Group A
Albania (2M)
France (39M)
Romania (7M)
Switzerland (17M)

Group B
England (33M)
Russia (16M)
Slovakia (5M)
Wales (13M)

Group C
Germany (37M)
Northern Ireland (3M)
Poland (19M)
Ukraine (9M)

Group D
Croatia (23M)
Czech Republic (6M)
Spain (34M)
Turkey (12M)

Group E
Belgium (32M)
Italy (31M)
Republic of Ireland (5M)
Sweden (10M)

Group F
Austria (24M)
Hungary (4M)
Iceland (8M)
Portugal (32M)

Previous winners were:
2016 European Championship
1st Place – Mit Grufnose

Team Name:  Chairman Scrooge

Joint 2nd Place:  David Smurthwaite

Team Name:  The Also Rans

Joint 2nd Place – Simon Whittaker

Team Name:  Watch the points fall!

Joint 2nd Place – Tim Ferguson

Team Name:  Beavers are better!

JOKER WINNER:  James Winter of Family Winter (Lopez Losers FC)
Guessed 1st goal scored in minute 113.  Actual 1st goal scored in minute 109.

2014 World Cup
1st Place – John Bruce (an ugly bloke living in Wigan, I believe they eat pies over there?)

Team Name:  Vamos!

2nd Place:  Danger Jepson (a 6 month old child!)

Team Name:  Tarquin Tigers

3rd Place – Tim Ferguson (yours truly)

Team Name:  Beavers are better!

2010 World Cup
1st Place – Catrin Ferguson (a 4 year old!)

Team Name:  Childs Play

2nd Place:  Sheila Ellerton (an Australian Lady – do they have ladies in Oz?)

Team Name:  Aus United

3rd Place – Dave Lister (a very dirty man from Leeds, who has emigrated to London!)

Team Name:  A bucket of Vindaloo

So come on, enter the StromAdventure 2016 and see if you can do better!!!

StromAdventure EUROs 2016 Fantasy Football UPLOAD

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