Student comments 2014

“Believe and you can achieve”   Mandeville School pupil, 2014

“I can’t believe all the hills!!”   Bourne Academy pupil, 2014

“It seems high up there, and you know what…when you are up there it is high!”  (climbing wall)  Ken Stimpson Community School pupil, 2014

“You climb like a spider trying to get out of a bath!”  Woldgate pupil, 2014

“I’ve never heard a sheep ‘baa’ in real life, I didn’t know they did?”  Unity Academy pupil, 2014

“This is a mental piece! ” (mantle shelf)  Pedmore Technology College and Community School pupil, 2014

“Caving is awesome!” Cottesham Village College, July 2014

(On cycling) “I liked everything – except the downhill…..and maybe the uphill.”  Latymer Upper School pupil, July 2014

On reaching the platform on the high ropes “Now I feel like I can do anything!” Eastburn School, June 2014

“Trust me I’m still counting my bruises after this!” Mount School, June 2014

“If you work together, anything is possible.”   Samuel, Arkey Primary, June 2014

“A day without laughter is a day wasted – Charlie Chaplin. Our students summed up their 3 days.” Royds School, June 2014

“Best holiday ever.” Old Moat Primary, June 2014

“Big Thank you to Rosie for letting us stay at High Adventure I did write a post but didn’t put my name so thank you but a bigger thank you to Emma, James and Becky for helping me through everything, this week has gone so fast and I wish I could have stayed longer but I can’t so again thank you ”   Kim, NCS Challenge, August 2014

“Big thanks to Becky for being so calm and patient towards me throughout my stay. Eternally grateful for everything you’ve done Becky, you made me do things I never thought I could. Such an experience. Will definitely be sending a card and present”  Katie Azad, August 2014

“When we came here we didn’t know each other, through the activities we became a family.”  NCS The Challenge member, 2014

“Thank you for everything you done for me and my friends. I have pushed myself so much with the help of many and i just can’t believe everything i have done.”  Chantelle, NCS The Challenge, 2014

“Oh London, how I’ve missed you. But I had the bessttttttt time ever at @HAOEC. I’ll definitely be going again! #ncsthechallenge, ”  Khaleesi, NCS The Challenge, 2014

“★★★★★ Sos misses Toni too much! Seriously, one of the best times I have had, take me back”  Erica, September 2014

“Being fun, sympathetic and like one of us. Being a great listener, pushing everyone to do more, laughing with us and making our NCS experience better than ever.”  #NCSTheChallenge, 2014

“Miss, can I do GCSE next year so that I can come back?” Shirebrook school pupil, September 2014

“Challenging, fun and GCSE-tastic!”  Cressex School pupil, September 2014

“Why are there maltesers all over the grass?” (They were rabbit droppings) Wood Hey High pupil, September 2014

“The lads had an unreal time!”  Jake Campbell, Long Benton School, September 2014

“Yesterday was one of the best days of my life!” Balby Carr Community Academy pupil, October 2014

 “It was epic, the learning never stopped!!” Dame Alice Owens pupil, October 2014

“High Adventure is the best place in the world!” Declan, Year 6, The Willows Catholic Primary School, October 2014









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