Primary Schools

Primary Schools

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Our programmes are bespoke therefore catering for primary schools guarantee the appropriate activities, security and standards needed to create a unique educational environment.

All courses curriculum linked

All modules are specifically designed to contribute strongly to learning across the core subjects and to satisfy some, if not all, of the requirements of a particular QCA unit. Our orienteering module, for example, covers many aspects for PE at key stages 1 and 2 in addition to a focus on numeracy and literacy with maths and word trails.

The new ‘Early Years Framework’ suggests that children spend at least 65% of their week outside exploring their world. We can help with new ideas for teaching core subjects outside the classroom.

By professionals for professionals

High Adventure is owned and operated by three experienced teachers who understand, first hand, the concerns and expectations of a professional in charge of young people on a residential. As professionals we consider ‘Every Child Matters’ guidelines and the national strategy for primary schools, ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’ in all our planning. We consider enjoyment to be essential and strive during your course to make sure everyone has a rewarding and fun experience, including the staff! We can also offer great assessment opportunities as our staff take complete charge giving you the chance to record and assess. You are also welcome to utilize our ICT suite if you are using photos, film or other media as evidence.


The young people are comfortably accommodated in numerous small dormitories with teachers’ rooms very nearby. Showers, toilets, catering and social spaces are provided in the same building to provide privacy and security. We can cater between 10 – 240 people depending on the venue.

Venue Options

  1. High Adventure – Lancashire / Yorkshire Board
  2. Kibblestone Summer Camp – Staffordshire
  3. Cote Ghyll- North York Moors

Free staff places

For every ten paying clients we provide a free staff place.

Risk assessments/paperwork available on-line

We understand what an onerous task it can be taking a group out of school for even the shortest trip, so we have done everything possible to help you through the process. Our web site contains printable files of all the documents you will need. Individual risk assessments for children with specific learning needs can be written and discussed with our staff to ensure that the whole class can be included in the trip. This will help parents and carers who are leaving children for the first time feel confident that their child’s needs are met.

Resources and suggestions are provided to facilitate further work back at school

We produce booklets for the young people that include, amongst other resources, writing frames to help them to record and remember their time with us in various forms. In the ‘Teacher Pack’ there are suggestions for extending each module in a variety of curriculum areas which are updated with ‘good ideas’ as clients provide feedback and share good practise.

Split weeks and activity days

Activity Modules

All activity modules are linked to sections of the booklet so that the children can record information for use in later school work.

Investigating Rivers

Through fieldwork pupils will learn about the water cycle and how rivers erode, transport and deposit to produce landscape features. The river Brock running through the site provides a wonderful resource for this module.
Contributing to units in: Geography / Science

What lives around here?

Pupils will investigate the area to discover what animals are living locally, in what habitats and to what extent man has been an influence in the area.
Contributing to units in: Science / Citizenship


Pupils will acquire and develop skills required in following simple courses and recognising symbols on a map. Contour lines and interpreting physical features provide the perfect means to differentiate this module.
Contributing to units in: PE / Geography


To solve several team challenges pupils will need to discuss strategies and adapt their skills and understanding to move towards an agreed common goal. Lots of fun for the pupils which will also provide abundant opportunities for you to observe communication and teamwork.
Contributing to units in: PE / Citizenship


Using our open boats pupils will need to learn new skills and communicate effectively in order to successfully navigate the pond. Building rafts from canoes adds more of a team-building element and keeps enjoyment levels high.
Contributing to units in: PE / Citizenship


An enormously fun activity set in our man made caving system, so don’t worry!! Communication forms an important part of this activity but for the children it’s about getting grubby!
Contributing to units in: PE / Citizenship


Ever wondered where the word ‘Tax’ came from? Everyone will learn more than how to safely shoot true and straight arrows.
Contributing to units in: PE / History

Your Programme will be set by High Adventure taking into account the time of year and best use of facilities. A selection of the described modules will form your course

About us….

High Adventure was established in 2001 by three outdoor enthusiasts who successfully escaped the teaching profession! Since opening we have built an excellent reputation for professionalism, quality of staff and meeting the needs of our clients (both staff and pupils)

We cater for groups of all ages at our Centre near Skipton and our Summer Camps in the Lakes and Staffordshire.
As professionals safety and quality are our priority. We aim to provide enjoyment, achievement, educational value and promote independence in a challenging yet controlled environment. We put a lot of emphasis on the word respect and this is interwoven into every aspect of your residential experience: respect for each other, property, oneself and the environment.



Monday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday split week (Lunch time arrival and departure)

Full weeks

Monday to Friday (Lunch time arrival and departure)


Friday to Sunday (Lunch time arrival and departure)

(Other options are available)

Activity day

Choose an area on which you would like to focus and let us bring the curriculum to life, outdoors!


Our very competitive costs vary depending on the time of year so please contact us for a quote.

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