Kibblestone Summer Camp, Staffordshire

Kibblestone Summer Camp, Staffordshire

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Kibblestone summer camp has been designed based on the lessons we learned as teachers (in our past lives the the two directors were PE teachers with lots of experience taking groups on residentials). Personally I used to hate it if it was unclear who was in charge so we make it very clear to staff what their responsibilities are at all times. Staff need time to relax a bit themselves and take part with the group if they wish, to make this possible we use professional staff that will make you feel safe and at ease and part of the group rather than the leader all the time.

Since setting up Kibblestone has gone from strength to strength now catering for a range of school groups as well as the requirements of phase 2 residential of the National Citizen Service (NCS).  Having worked very successfully with various Schools & NCS groups since its inception, we have used this experience and our 15 years of experience running Outdoor Education camps to provide a quality, tailor made programme for all visitors. Our professional staff are trained to deliver to your aims and objectives and to ensure that your targets are our targets. We believe that the whole camping experience really adds value and leads to increased responsibility and this is born out by the feedback we receive.

We have designed the programme to provide maximum activity per individual so that each child can get as much as possible out of the trip. We have purposefully avoided activities which by their nature mean only one person at a time can take part e.g. abseiling.

The camp is designed to provide a true camping experience, toilets are not next to the tents and we are in 150 acres of woodland not a flat grassy field. We use 8 man tents and put 6 young people in them so they have plenty of room, camp beds are provided to keep them off the floor. Staff have their own tents and for each group we provide a large marquee to use as a social / meeting space.

Senior staff oversee all trips and are available and accountable 24 hours, if you have a problem of any description they will be on hand to sort it out. You will not be talking to a manager, we are a small company specialising in school trips not a large faceless establishment so you will be talking to someone directly responsible.

We take feedback very seriously as we want to provide the best possible experience and we stand by our product so you can be assured of a professional, well organised and fun residential.

If you have any questions please call the office on 01535 630044 or e-mail

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Kibblestone International Scout Camp
ST15 8UJ

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